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More than a Concept, a Way of Life

Privacy Policy

Lobbynoir privacy policy

(November 26 /2018 Version)

This privacy policy describes how Lobbynoir collects and uses the personal data of users of this website and mobile application.

Who we are :

Legal name: Lobbynoir



Announcement: means all the elements and data (visual, text, photographs, drawings), deposited by an Advertiser or the referencing team, under its editorial responsibility, in order to offer products and / or services and disseminated on the Website and Applications.

Advertiser : means any natural or legal person who uses the Website and / or the Applications for professional purposes and / or individual account holder to benefit from the free and / or paid linking services offered to the Advertisers on the Applications and on the Website, allowing it to publish ads that can be viewed by prospects, customers, the Applications and the Website. In the case where the person using the Applications and / or the Website is a natural person acting on behalf of a legal entity, the Advertiser designates both the natural person and the legal entity on whose behalf it is.

applications: designates the free lobbynoir Android app on an Android phone from the Google Play Store, and the lobbynoir iPhone and iPad app downloadable from the Apple App Store for free on an iPhone or iPad to Prospects, Customers and Advertisers. access to the lobbynoir service as defined in Article 3 of the General Conditions of Use. It is stated that the Applications cover two different software applications, the first being dedicated to Advertisers allowing them to publish Ads and the second to Prospects allowing them to view Advertisements published.

Prospects: means any visitor, having access to the lobbynoir Services via the Website and / or the Applications, consulting the Service lobbynoir, accessible from the various supports.

Website : means the website accessible mainly from the URL or and allowing Prospects and Advertisers to access the lobbynoir Service via the internet.

The information we collect :

Lobbynoir collecting:

The data submitted to us by the data subject, including:

  • Data submitted through our forms (including the registration form)
  • Data collected during the show (s), which includes personal information and activities performed during the EVENTS.
  • Data collected by employees during direct communication with individuals / organizations

The information collected may include your personal contact information, work experience, demographics related to your professional activity and / or interests, and your communication preferences, community, etc.
Data from third-party sources, including:

  • Personal information or additional information from partners with whom we carry out joint marketing actions, cultural EVENTS…
  • Public data sources used to supplement or validate our existing dataset
  • Data services / providers used to obtain or supplement our existing dataset
  • Data acquired as a result of an acquisition or merger

Data collected by automated technologies / services, including:

  • Data collected by services that use the IP address to determine which organisations direct visitors to our site
  • Information about actions taken by individuals in response to our direct marketing campaigns, including opening an Email from an individual or clicking on one of the links in our Email communications
  • Information related to the use and navigation on our website
  • Data used to produce personalized content / user experience while visiting our sites and applications

The information we are likely to share:

Your information is likely to be shared with the divisions within the grouping and on the digital media of the lobby.

Will we share your information with third parties?

Lobbynoir may share your information with third parties if:

  • You have consented to such sharing:
    • When registering
    • When submitting a form
    • During your visit to one of our EVENTS, especially when attending conferences, cultural EVENT or during booth visits
  • Sharing information is necessary so that we can fulfill a contractual obligation that we have with you / your organization
  • If we are obliged to share your personal data to comply with any legal obligation whatsoever
  • You have consented to us sharing your information with selected third parties whose products and services may be of interest to you
  • We are, or substantially all of our assets are, acquired by a third party, in which case the personal data we hold about our users will be one of the assets transferred.

How we treat your information:

We may use your personal information for:

  • Give you information or news about a service you have registered for
  • Make sure you can manage the services you have registered for
  • Deliver targeted promotional messages related to our services
  • Deliver targeted promotional messages in relation to the products and services of our associates (exhibitors, sponsors, media partners, advertisers)
  • Invite you to participate in surveys related to our products and services or the products and services of our associates, partners / sponsors
  • Reply to any request you submit to us
  • Produce statistics on your use of our products and services and your response to our marketing activities

The legitimate interest:

If you have previously visited one of our EVENTS, subscribed to one of our services or conducted an assessment of your interests based on your profession or industry, then in the absence of consent, the legal basis upon which we have processed your data and communicated with you is our legitimate interest. We have a legitimate interest in contacting you to give you information about our EVENTS or other services. It is necessary for us to promote our services in this way since there is no profitable alternative. In the balance of our interest and yours, we take into consideration the fact that the personal data we process are minimal, not sensitive, that there is a minimal impact on privacy, that they are already available on other forms elsewhere than in our supports, and that you can easily and at any moment unsubscribe.

Your rights :

Your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation include the following:

  • The right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time
  • The right of access to data: you can make a request to be informed about the data we have about you
  • The right to request the correction of your data if it is false or incomplete
  • The right to request the deletion of your personal data
  • The right to oppose at any time the processing of your personal data, especially when processing is carried out for direct marketing purposes
  • The right to restrict our processing of your personal data
  • The right to portability (that is, the transfer of your data to another organization)

You can exercise the above rights by contacting us and we will process your request without any fees. Depending on your request, we may ask you to confirm your identity.

To exercise your other rights with Lobbynoir:

* You can send us your request by Email to:


We take precautions to protect your personal information against loss, theft, misappropriation, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction by using appropriate techniques and measures. Parts of our site and mobile application may be password protected. If you are a user of our website and / or mobile application and have a password, you can help protect yourself by not disclosing it to anyone.

We carry out regular work to validate the information we have, to make sure that it is correct and, where necessary, up to date. Information that is no longer necessary for any business purpose and that we are not required to keep in accordance with any applicable law will be systematically destroyed using secure means.

Cookies policy

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How we use cookies:

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  • Keep the searches that have been done.
  • Remember your connection to the site
  • Follow the success of our marketing actions

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